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Toggle navigation. Ever wonder what still you need to use? Please Note: depending on your location, alcohol distillation may be illegal or require special licensing. Be sure to check the legal status of distillation in your country. Quick View. Turbo Still Spirits.

In Stock Free Shipping. Distiller's Complete Beginner Kit. Select Options. Air Still Distiller's Beginner Kit. Turbo Boiler Still Spirits volt. Still Spirits Turbo Copper Condenser.

You're looking at the highest quality distiller in the world. These home still kits are cheap, easy to use and effective.

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Moonshine making and distilling spirits at home has never been easier. We have a wide variety of homemade still kits and moonshine making equipment for sale. We are the leading copper still company in the marketplace. We have the best prices and the best whiskey stills for sale. Still pot for sale, complete stills for sale, copper pot still for sale. At home distilling at an affordable cost. Distillery products can be made at home, get the highest quality spirits you won't find anywhere else.

Home brew made simple with our complete copper moonshine production kits. Make your own moonshine and high quality liquor right on the stove top in your kitchen. Get yourself a moonshine distillation unit for the best price. The most affordable bargain on the market and the highest quality home distillery kits available. Everyone should own this very important survival product. Distilleries will love our 10, 15 and 30 gallon distillation units for making rum, distilling whiskey, moonshine, bourbon, gin and other fine liquors.

Make your own witch hazel, rosewater, and antiseptics right at home. Heat up your mash on the stove in one of our moonshine making pots. Highly affordable, a valuable resource for the entire family. We even have moonshine still parts for sale. Simple and available right at home. Big moonshine still kits and large distillation units available for breweries and producing alcohol products.

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Eco friendly alcohol production is fast and affordable. Highly economical for distilling products.

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Manufactured with care and handmade in the USA from fine copper, completely led free. We offer the safest alcohol distillation units in the industry. We have the best stills for whiskey, the best stills for moonshine and the best stills for making rum.

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Our water purification stills produce the cleanest water at the best price. Our stills offer hassle free moonshine making right at home. Why pay for distilled water when you can have free water? Make distilled water for free at home with our copper pot stills. Purify drinking water safely and easily at home. If you're asking how can I make moonshine? Our moonshine making kits are sure to deliver the highest quality alcohols with the finest taste. Don't wait for the apocalypse to own a highly sophisticated and dependable copper moonshine kit, order a moonshine still now.

Interested in a Copper Moonshine Still? Make Liquor at home with our copper distillation equipment.

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Make Moonshine at home with a copper moonshine still. Built in the USA, if you are in the market for a copper still, do not skip over our company.

Step 1: Safety, Legality, and Disclaimer.

We offer multiple categories of copper distillers so please check out all of our listings. Stay connected to our facebook page as well. You may be looking for information or sourcing of distilling ingredients, distilling yeasts or moonshine accessories. If this is the case please keep in mind that we are a manufacture of copper moonshine distilling apparatuses and we want to focus on quality copper stills leaving our shop. Each unit is handmade and we need all hand on copper, we offer copper proofing parrots, copper funnels and of course copper moonshine stills.

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You can check out our group on fb called "home moonshiners" and ask everyone questions there as well. We do not want you to get hurt so please be safe while distilling. Making alcohol at home can be a magical experience, please do not ruin the fun by getting too drunk. Be responsible with your product. Keep it out of reach from children and young adults. Our product WILL produce proof or higher finished product on the first run if you do things right. Keep your unit operated in a well ventilated area.

If you have any leaks, you should have a propane torch, flux and solder on hand so you don't ruin your run. As you heat up your copper moonshine still with a flame, the solder may change its structural integrity, especially if you do not strain your mash. You need to completely strain your mash or you may risk burning out the bottom of your pot. First things first, make sure you use copper with no lead solder stainless steel, and glass. You will need some seals someplace, use teflon. If you do this, it means that you are not going to leech any harmful toxins during the stilling process.

I could go on at length about this, but won't. Just trust me on this one. If you are using anything else, throw it away, far far away.

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Later on when you have a little more knowledge, which is twice as dangerous, you can make some informed decisions about this. When distilling Still Spirits Turbo products you may produce extremely small quantities of by-products such as methanol, as you will only be fermenting sugar with a known yeast and nutrient mix.

This will be removed in the first portion of distillate which is separated and called 'the head'. If you wish to distill other mixtures in a Pot or Reflux Still, then methanol could be produced. Making alternative fuel is one thing, but if you want to make a drinkable alcohol spirit, the results could prove disastrous, and Still Spirits does not recommend you do this, unless you follow a reputable manufacturer's instructions. Following the Still Spirits method, you make alcohol using pure sugar, Turbo Yeast , Still Spirit Carbons and drinkable water, to produce an extremely clean alcohol.

So ageing isn't necessary. Historically, aging has been necessary as excess raw materials have usually been inexpensive or in some cases like rum they have been a waste product and costly to dispose of. Cheap raw materials have been converted into potable alcohol and aged to improve their smoothness - sometimes in oak barrels to also remove unwanted flavours and any unwanted alcohols.

Raw spirit from some of these products can be undrinkable and even dangerous, so aging is necessary for many reasons. But not when you home distill. Yes this is possible, but it is likely you will get a lot of volatiles in your distillation.

Step-by-Step Home Distilling - DIY - MOTHER EARTH NEWS

For beer distillation we recommend the pot still. Using salt will not make any difference to what boils off or when. Making alcohol is different to boiling a pot of water on a stove-top as the amount of energy applied to the wash will determine the amount of steam that is boiled off.