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The psychology of women 5th ed. Belmont, CA: Thompson Wadsworth. This well-regarded textbook provides an excellent overview of many issues that affect women at all life stages. Paludi, M. Praeger guide to the psychology of gender. Westport, CT. This handbook address the beliefs of the popular media about gender psychology and how there is no actual research to back many of these misconceptions.

The main idea is that there are actually more similarities between the genders than differences. Philpot, C. Bridging separate gender worlds: Why men and women clash and how therapists can bring them together. This is a book for therapists that provide gender sensitive techniques that can be used in the context of any form of intervention. It will help the therapist to make sense of the often confusing modern gender expectations. Rabin, C.

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Understanding gender and culture in the helping process: Practitioners' narratives from global perspectives. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth. This text is a compilation of narratives from practitioners from around the world discussing their experiences working with their respective cultures and also with diverse populations. The focus is to use an integrated approach to better help clients by understanding gender, culture, and ethnicity.

Rogers, W. The psychology of gender and sexuality.

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Philadelphia: Open University Press. The advantage of this text is that is uses a variety of theories, old and new, to help introduce the concepts of gender and sexuality and explain how they are developed and maintained. Roughgarden, J. Evolutions rainbow: Diversity, gender, and sexuality in nature and people.

Berkeley: University of California Press. This is an innovative text which explains that diversity is a product of genes and hormones which cause the gender differences in behavior and appearance. The text approaches scientific concepts from the feminist and gay perspective to change the current notions of sexuality. Travis, C.

Sexuality, society, and feminism. This text is a compilation of essay from some of the premiere feminist scholars takes a feminist perspective in discussing female sexuality. This involves sexuality at an individual level and in society. Unger, R. Handbook of the psychology of women and gender.

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New York: John Wiley. This handbook provides a comprehensive look at the main theories and recent findings in the areas of women and gender. It brings together a wide-range of traditional and modern research while placing an emphasis on cross-cultural issues. The text also explores the influences on the development of gender and how gender affects mental health. Worell, J. Encyclopedia of women and gender: Sex similarities and differences and the impact of society on gender. This two volume set encyclopedia is intended for students, researchers, and clinicians alike to provide a comprehensive compilation of current research pertaining to women and gender.

It covers a broad scope of categories such as, but not limited to, androcentrism, test bias, body image, and friendship styles. Azar, B. A new stress paradigm for women.

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Monitor on Psychology, 31 7 , 42— This article reveals research findings concerning the tend-and-befriend stress response model for women. Bornstein, R. The psychodynamics of gender and gender role. The text presents essays focusing on defense, coping, psychopathology, child development, unconscious processing, and personality functioning. All of the essays provide empirical research to bring understanding to the modern psychoanalytic view of gender and gender roles.

Brandt, M. Sexism and gender inequality across 57 societies. Psychological Science, 22 11 , Multilevel modeling showed that sexism directly predicted increases in gender inequality. Possible mechanisms for this effect are outlined. Bussey, K. Gender identity development. Schwartz, Luyckx, K. This chapter reviews a variety of social science approaches to gender identity and presents an in-depth analysis of gender identity development from the perspective of social cognitive theory. Chamberlin, J. Threats within.

Monitor on Psychology, 35 10 , This article discusses 'stereotype threat' that includes gender-based stereotype threat. Colangelo, J. Journal of Mental Health Counseling, 34 1 , This article provides counselors with information about the prevalence of child sexual abuse among women in different populations and research on its impact on women's sexuality. A case study is used to illustrate practice implications. Crawford, N. Understanding children's atypical gender behavior. Monitor on Psychology, 34 8 , 40— This article describes a support group for parents of children with gender variance.

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DeAngelis, T. Are men emotional mummies? Monitor on Psychology, 32 11 , 40— In this article, psychologists share their theories on the emotional expressiveness of men. Opening up the field. Monitor on Psychology, 35 10 , 88— This article discusses promoting multiculturalism in women's sports. Deaux, K. Gilbert, S. Lindzey Eds. Boston: McGraw-Hill. The authors offer a comprehensive review of the social psychology of gender. Dittmann, M. Anger across the gender divide.

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Monitor on Psychology, 34 3 , This article discusses research how men and women differ in expression of anger. Role congruity theory of prejudice toward female leaders. Psychological Review, , — This article provides a theoretical review of the factors that discourage women from pursuing leadership roles and their limited ability to succeed when they do obtain leadership positions.

Feminism and the evolution of sex differences and similarities. Sex Roles , 64 , This article introduces a special issue of Sex Roles that presents the sometimes contradictory and sometimes complementary perspectives of evolutionary psychologists and feminist psychologists on gender and sex differences. Gergen, M. Teaching psychology of gender from a social constructionist standpoint. Psychology of Women Quarterly , 34 2 , These dilemmas concern: 1 the claim that psychology is a unified, empirically based science similar to the natural sciences, 2 the claim of value-neutrality, and 3 the emphasis on lecture-based knowledge transmission rather than the relational form of knowing associated with feminist pedagogy.

Giresi, M. Incarcerated transgender people. Monitor on Psychology, 37 3 , This article discusses the lack of research on transgender inmates. Glick, P. An ambivalent alliance: Hostile and benevolent sexism as complementary justifications for gender inequality. American Psychologist, 56, — The authors examine the proposition that there are two separate, but related, dimensions to modern sexism. Good, J.

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Psychology of Women Quarterly , 34 3 , Greer, M. Keeping them hooked in. Monitor on Psychology, 36 6 , 60— This article discusses keeping men comfortable with seeking and staying in therapy. Addresses gender roles which may prevent this. What are these guys thinking? Monitor on Psychology, 36 6 , 64— This article discusses the increasing number of workshops addressing the understanding of men.

Hines, M. Gender development and the human brain. Annual Review of Neuroscience , 34, The possible role of sex-linked genes and neural mechanisms on gender development are also discussed.